Probate & Estate Administration

Salem Estate Administration Attorneys

When an estate enters probate, CASEY LUNDREGAN BURNS, P.C., can assist in decision-making and will advocate for your rights in any disputes.
Our lawyers have been entrusted to guide North Shore families through the probate process for three generations. We are well-regarded for working with personal representatives (the formal name given to the person with the fiduciary responsibility to administer the estate) on the legal ramifications of moving assets from the estate to the beneficiary in an expeditious manner. We can advise you through each stage of the plan.
To ensure a smooth probate process, consult with an attorney from CASEY LUNDREGAN BURNS, P.C. Whether the estate at issue is already in the probate process or you are simply planning ahead, contact us at (978) 878-3519.

Probate In Massachusetts

Hiring an inexperienced attorney or a general practice attorney who does not have skill and expertise in the probate process can result in needless and costly delays in completing the probate process for a loved one. The attorneys at CASEY LUNDREGAN BURNS, P.C., have specialized knowledge of the probate process and can guide you through the process to a timely and cost-efficient conclusion.
Other problems common during probate include unexpected creditors or a beneficiary who challenges the terms of the will. Tax consequences are also a common concern. When you face problems like these, our attorneys will provide the wisdom and experience required to quickly move the process forward.
Many people do not fully understand that a personal representative is personally and financially responsible to the heirs of the estate. He or she is also personally responsible for any mistakes that adversely affect the heirs. At CASEY LUNDREGAN BURNS, P.C., we understand the stress a personal representative can experience. Our experienced probate attorneys understand that our client is the personal representative alone, and we work diligently to expedite the process and serve as the line of communication to the heirs through each step of the process.


Conflicts between family members regarding an inheritance or between other beneficiaries or creditors are common during probate. The attorneys at CASEY LUNDREGAN BURNS, P.C., have earned a reputation as the firm to turn to for probate litigation needs on the North Shore.
Often, a will is challenged in what is known as a will contest. One party may argue that the will was illegally modified or someone illegally manipulated the will’s author into making biased adjustments concerning money or property.
Whether you are a personal representative of an estate facing an existing or threatened lawsuit or a family member concerned with the way the estate is being administered, consult with CASEY LUNDREGAN BURNS, P.C. We provide experienced advice about probate litigation, and our firm will provide zealous representation while also offering time-honored strategies to bring stressful family disputes to a speedy conclusion. Call our Salem-based estate administration lawyers at (978) 878-3519.