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Our legal needs evolve as we age. If you or a loved one is 65 or older, you should start planning for long-term care, the preservation of family wealth, and other legal and financial needs associated with our golden years.

At Casey Lundregan Burns, P.C., we can advise you on these and many other aspects of Massachusetts elder law. Call (978) 878-3519 or contact us online to schedule your consultation with an experienced elder law lawyer.

What Is Elder Law?

Elder law encompasses a wide array of legal issues related to advanced age, including:

  • Estate planning: Estate planning is about deciding who will manage your affairs if you’re no longer able to and who will inherit your assets after you pass away. This process involves drafting a will, powers of attorney, health care proxies, HIPAA release forms, and more.
  • Long-term care planning: Many senior citizens will require some type of long-term care. An elder law attorney can recommend tried-and-tested legal and financial strategies for maintaining Medicaid/MassHealth eligibility while preserving family wealth.
  • Tax planning and succession: If you or your aging family member would like to keep as much wealth as possible within the family, an elder law lawyer can recommend various asset protection tools such as trusts and gifting exclusions to minimize exposure to taxes, creditors, and probate-related expenses.
  • Miscellaneous elder law issues: Elder law legal services also include setting up funeral plans, creating guardianships, conservatorships, and special needs trusts, funding charities, tackling elder financial abuse or nursing home abuse, assisting seniors with reverse mortgages, and more.

The Challenges of Long-Term Care Planning

A large percentage of seniors rely on Medicaid — or MassHealth as it’s called in Massachusetts — to pay for their long-term care needs. Sadly, many people acting on bad advice waste tens of thousands on Medicaid, depleting the family assets and their children’s inheritance.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend down all your assets to qualify for Medicaid. Our experienced elder law attorneys can help you plan for nursing homes or other types of long-term care and preserve your eligibility for Social Security and Medicaid benefits without wasting family wealth. We can also assist you with applying for Medicaid or appealing negative decisions.

Why Work With an Elder Law Attorney?

An experienced and knowledgeable elder law lawyer can eliminate many of the stressors associated with aging. From planning for your long-term medical needs and end-of-life care and ensuring you’ll have enough money to enjoy your retirement to seeing that your loved ones will be provided for after you pass away, working with an elder law attorney can give you peace of mind as you approach your golden years.

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