Assignment of Corporation Lawyer in Salem, MA

Assignment of corporation is an important step for your company. Incorporating your business can protect you from liability, grant you tax benefits, and help with business succession planning.

An experienced assignment of corporation lawyer can help you draft an assignment contract that fits your business plan and ensures you comply with Massachusetts public policy. Call Casey Lundregan Burns, P.C., for reliable assistance with the incorporation process in Massachusetts.

Why Incorporate Your Massachusetts Business?

Incorporating your business has many benefits, including:

  • Complete separation between business assets and your personal services and property, which can protect you from liability
  • Presenting a more professional image to clients, investors, shareholders, and partners
  • Various tax advantages, credits, and incentives
  • Wider possibilities of raising capital in the form of loans or investments
  • Reliable solutions for securing your professional legacy with timely business succession planning

The business structure of a corporation can provide major advantages in critical situations, like lawsuits or leadership crisis. For example, if your corporation runs into debt, your personal assets and real property enjoy protection from creditors. Transferring your corporate stocks to a trust can ensure smooth business succession in case you become incapacitated or suddenly pass away.

Establishing a corporation is a complex process with several legal steps, so it’s vital to work with a skilled corporate lawyer who understands your organization’s needs.

The Incorporation Process in MA

Forming a corporation in Massachusetts involves the following steps:

  • Drafting relevant documentation with the proper corporate name, any important details like the definition of a corporate purpose, and chief appointments
  • Filing Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State
  • Paying all the required fees
  • Applying for Employer Identification Number (EIN) and any necessary state permits and licenses

You should also ensure your business carries the required insurance coverage, like professional liability insurance and workers’ comp, to avoid costly penalties.

Why Your Business Needs a Skilled Assignment of Corporation Lawyer

When you prepare to incorporate your company, you must consider your business needs and ensure you comply with all the required legal procedures. Working with an experienced assignment of corporation lawyer is the best way to protect your interests and avoid future liabilities.

The seasoned corporate lawyers of Casey Lundregan Burns, P.C., can:

  • Create ironclad, legally compliant incorporation articles that suit your organization’s goals
  • Establish a full legal separation between your personal property and corporate assets
  • Check your Articles of Incorporation for inclusion of all necessary documents
  • Advise you on complying with all your contractual rights and obligations
  • Protect you from any compliance issues and ensuing penalties and fines

Casey Lundregan Burns, P.C.: Reliable Corporate Law Solutions in Salem, MA

Are you preparing to incorporate your Massachusetts business? Contact the law firm of Casey Lundregan Burns, P.C., for help with corporation establishment in Massachusetts. With over 90 years of legal practice, the dedicated team of Casey Lundregan Burns knows how to provide smooth and efficient corporate law solutions for your company.

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