Practice Areas Overview

Estate Planning

Losing a loved one is an extremely difficult process, which an unorganized estate can make a lot harder. Thankfully, you can help eliminate heartache and resentment between your loved ones by planning your estate before your passing.

Probate & Estate Administration

When an estate enters probate, CASEY LUNDREGAN BURNS, P.C., can assist in decision-making and will advocate for your rights in any disputes. Our lawyers have been entrusted to guide North Shore families through the probate process for three generations.

Probate & Trust Litigation

Conflicts and controversies are common during probate. Sometimes, disagreements between family members or other beneficiaries lead to problems that can only be resolved in a courtroom. Usually, these controversies surround the validity of a will or the terms of a will.

Elder Law

CASEY LUNDREGAN BURNS, P.C., has a strong reputation for its work in Massachusetts elder law. Those over 65 years old often have specialized estate and tax planning needs. They also need help preparing for and maintaining Medicaid eligibility. Many seniors require years of in-home care or care at a nursing home.

Real Estate Law

A real estate attorney is an essential part of any real estate transaction, whether a purchase, sale or lease. CASEY LUNDREGAN BURNS, P.C., is a modern law firm, up to date on the needs of contemporary North Shore buyers and sellers. We advise our clients through each stage of a purchase or sale.