Named As A Successor Trustee? Now What?


Your friend or loved one has written their revocable living trust — and they just named you as their Successor Trustee or Alternate Successor Trustee. We’ve prepared this short overview to help you understand what this means and answer some common questions. (Note that if you were named as an Alternate Successor Trustee, then you…

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The 4 Things You Should Know About Settling An Estate

SETTLING AN ESTATE-CaseyandLundregan

If you’re responsible for settling the estate of a deceased family member or friend, you’ll probably find that you could use expert assistance at some point, from legal advice to preparing tax returns. How does that actually work? When do you need an attorney? Can you split up the tasks? We surveyed readers across the…

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The Pros & Cons Revealed: Corporate Fiduciary Over Friends And Family?


You might pick a corporate fiduciary over friends and family Appointing someone as fiduciary over your estate or trust is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. When it comes to selecting fiduciaries, many people find it difficult to choose among their children, relatives, and friends. Some don’t believe that any of their family members…

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The BIG Question If You’re A Successor Trustee… Do You Need Help?


How to Determine if Your Family Can Handle Settling Your Trust Many people believe that if they have a revocable living trust, then the process of settling their final affairs will be simple and won’t require the assistance of an estate and trust attorney. This is true for only a limited number of trusts. Here…

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Estate Trustee Fees—How Much & Who Gets Paid?


Probate is much maligned. To hear some folks talk, having your estate subject to probate is worse than dying. What’s all the fuss about? Understanding Probate Probate is a title proceeding. If a person dies owning property, the question arises – Who is the next rightful owner? Probate is the procedure by which the ownership…

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