Living Will – A Guide To Documenting Your Future Wishes


Contemplating our own death is one of the hardest challenges we will ever have to face. Yet, if we want our dying to be meaningful and merciful, it is imperative that we think about it while we still can. Most of us want to die at home, in a familiar and peaceful setting surrounded by…

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Aging Is The Sign Of A Successful Life


Your aging is a success story. After all, when you think about the alternative to aging your perspective about getting older shifts. You should start seeking self-sufficiency for your retirement years well before the age of sixty-five. But, even if you have not done so, don’t shun the planning stages. You need to address planning…

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Do You Have a Loved One With Special Needs? Consider a Special Needs Trust


What is a Special Needs Trust? In general, a trust is created when property or assets are managed by a person or firm for another person’s benefit. The person or entity who manages the trust is known as the trustee and will be responsible for making decisions in the best interest of the person who…

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You Have A Will: Is That Enough?


Roughly half of all Americans don’t have a will, so if you’ve already taken this vital step to protect your assets and successors then congratulations are in order – you’re already ahead of the curve. While a will is a necessary document that every person who owns assets should have, it is still a relatively…

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How To Avoid Or Deal With Probate


First we will start off on the top 3 ways to AVOID probate and after we will go into dealing with it if you’re in the middle of it right now… All of us would like pass on a little something to our children or other loved ones. We save and save to make life…

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6 Step Estate Plan For You And Your Parents


READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO PROTECT YOU AND YOUR PARENTS WITH A PROVEN ESTATE PLANNING FORMULA… We’d been married for more than 30 years and were very close with Terrie’s mother “Jean,” spending every holiday and Sunday together (her name has been changed here for privacy reasons). But our happiness turned into a nightmare…

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The Serious Risks of Self Settled Trusts


In a recent interview I did, I revealed how self settled trusts leave people’s assets exposed. While establishing self settled trusts in the place of more conventional asset protection plans is trendy these days, there are some serious setbacks that could do more harm than good. The most appealing aspect of a self settled trust…

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Top 3 Most Common Asset Protection Misconceptions


Asset Protection Misconception Number 1: Insurance Protects You You know what I hear the most from my clients, who are exclusively real estate investors? “I thought all I needed to protect my assets was a general liability insurance policy?” This couldn’t be more further from the truth. I have nothing against insurance, but when you…

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The BIG Misconception About How Insurance Protects Your Assets


“My financial advisor told me that in order to achieve asset protection for my investment properties, I only need a general liability policy.” This is something I hear consistently from real estate investors. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge advocate of insurance. But in order to achieve proper asset protection, insurance must be…

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The 2 Strategies To Protect Assets For Real Estate Investors


Why Incorporate Your Real Estate? Real estate can be a good investment, but one that comes with a host of risks and liabilities. If your properties are titled to a person and not a business entity, you are personally liable for damage or losses that may arise from accidents, injuries, interruptions to business or other…

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